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Randy Link

Animator  |  Director  |  Previs Artist




 Like many, I was a monster kid. The pull to create movies like King Kong and the Wolfman engulfed my childhood to my parents’ unease and dismay. I started my career as a stop motion animator for tv, eventually leading to Tippett Studios working with my first real mentor.

Since Troopers I’ve animated just about every monster that I’ve loved as a child. Have had the opportunity to work closely with amazing people all over the film and vfx industry.

 I think my strength as an animator is that I try to quickly block a shot as fast as I can, with a balance of weight and intention. My love of creatures helps me with different acting choices if needed.


 As a supervisor, I find that usually each animator needs a different approach to direction, sometimes its confidence, sometimes its exhaustion from notes, and I work to help  them simplify.


  For Previs I enjoy the act of story and I love using Unreal Engine. Each film, each director has their own approach. I've learned so much working on films for Sam Rami, Guillermo del Toro, Spielberg, or Peter Jackson, while working on film or a sequence, each is a masterclass, in camera, story, intention, economy.

Realistic creature acting, and animation is a unique field. It takes movement and nature and physicality and throws it at a story, then boils out of it, a trick that fools the viewer. I love that, and it’s a different puzzle for every creature.

What does a troll or dragon or werewolf do when the cameras are off? Answer that, and you're a creature animator.


                                                                                                     Your pal Randy

Projects Stories and Characters


  stop motion animation mixed with unreal Engine

 1467 A heavily guarded ship carrying a royal family run off course into the south pacific. This " And then there were none story" ends with the infamous map of Skull Island drawn in blood.

Animation tests

first attempts mixing stop motion with Unreal Engine

Trex and Trike

Two Unlikely best friends learn about themselves and help others as they discover their prehistoric world.

Ahab and the Squab

Two small pirates embark on a big adventures with childlike innocence and curiosity of the world around them


The House at Pumpkin Hill

2d animation over models dollhouse miniatures.

A Young ghost sets about haunting a house but must first overcome his fear of the ghosts already there.

The last day in October

There are strange things goings on the last day of October.



your pal, randy


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