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Animation     Previsualization     Supervising

Randy Link assists studios secure projects in the bidding process and help studios deliver outstanding projects at or under realistic budgets.  He has a keen ability to quickly identify and align clients' needs with the teams capabilities.

His experience and knowledge of filmmaking and storytelling has helped some of the most prolific directors and writers in Hollywood.

From supervising a large team of artists on big budget films or corralling a fresh team of new animators, Randy has the distinct ability to motivate and inspire his team to produce work they are proud of.  He is a fearless leader and known to get in the trenches with his team whenever and wherever necessary.

The love of animation industry has inspired Randy to help the next generation of artists find their path and place in the craft.  Randy has been invited to speak at conventions, universities, and art academies.


Tippett Studio 2021-present:  Animation Previz Supervisor  

Clio Entertainment 2022 Gold Winner for Netflix's "Resident Evil 3D Billboard Terrifies Time Square"


DNEG 2020-2021:  Previsualization Supervisor

Working closely with clients, previsualizing sequences for up coming feature films. Working with artists to lift the intention and story of the sequence to its most exciting potential.


The MILL 2019-2020:  Animation Supervisor

Animating and supervising a crew for various ad campaigns. From funny talking animals to Mars Attacks for Super Bowl ads.


MPC 2018-2019:  Animation Supervisor

Working with an extensive crew to complete several key scenes for Godzilla King of the Monsters and Doctor Doolittle.


Weta Digital 2005-2018:  Previsualization Supervisor

Animation King Kong. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. BFG. The Avengers. The Hobbit Trilogy. The adventures of Tin Tin. Iron Man 3


Sony Pictures Imageworks 2003-2005:  Lead Animator Spiderman 3. The Matrix Revolutions. Cursed. Monster House.


Tippett Studio 1995-2003:  Animator/Lead Animator

Starship Troopers. Virus. The Haunting. Komodo. Evolution. Cats and Dogs. Blade 2. Season of the Witch. The Twilight Saga.


Danger Productions 1993-1995:  Stop Motion Animator

Bump in the Night Series

  • Incorporating UNREAL Engine with traditional CGI animation technology

Special Skills

In recent years I've found myself more behind the scenes. From previs to animating  test for major VFX companies to secure coveted work on a franchise with a skeptical client, working with a large team of animators or rolling up my sleeves and cranking out animation for streaming channels. 

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